Aluma Dream 6500 – это катер премиум-класса для отдыха на воде и путешествий.



Case manufacturing type
Case type
The length of the hull is the greatest
6.04 m.
Overall length of the vessel
6.41 m.
The width of the hull is the largest
2.4 m.
Overall breadth of the vessel
2.4 m.
Sideboard midship
1.25 m.
Kilovost of the hull on the transom
19 degrees
The mass of the equipped case
800 kg.
600 kg.
Allowed number of people on board
6 people
Transom height
0.63 m.
Max allowable engine power
200 hp
Fuel tank capacity
200 l.
Case material
The thickness of the skin of the bottom and sides
4.0-4.0 mm.
Volume of buoyancy blocks
1.5 cubic meters

Premium klasse aluminium droomboot ALUMA DREAM 6500


We use only premium materials from leading companies in the world (USA, Europe, Russia) in the production of our boats. Buying our boats, you can be sure that our products will last you for many, many years.

USA, American anti-slip, time-tested coating on a felt backing. This is an embossed vinyl with a dense surface, soft, easy to clean, resistant to damage from hooks and tackle. Suitable for laying on metal, fiberglass and wood surfaces. It looks great and is considered to be a fairly durable coating in terms of its properties. Almost all failures after successful fishing or hunting are easily washed off with water. Many boat owners have come to the consensus that Marideck is a godsend for any deck.

USA, Syntec Marine Carpet is the most widely used marine carpet in the world. Serial subscription on boats of almost all American brands. Carpets based on Gray Tuf Loc, first of all, are of excellent quality, they have high strength, do not rot. Features the most color resistant dyed BCF fiber ever produced. Offers a palette of base colors and specifications that meets the most stringent sustainability requirements in the maritime industry. Syntec Carpet is resistant to soiling, vacuuming and washing domestic carpets to help maintain its original appearance.
Syntec Carpet meets and exceeds US Department of Commerce DOC FF-1-70 Pill Test inflammability standards.

Italy, Locks, hinges Osculati are made in excellent quality and are suitable for use in difficult conditions. They are standard tested, made of stainless steel, which does not require additional painting work to ensure corrosion resistance. The elements qualitatively fix the structure, if necessary, holding it in an open or closed position. Components made of acid-resistant stainless steel, have high strength and resistance to adverse external factors. Equipment for yachts and boats Osculati has proven itself from the best side both in the European and Russian markets.

Germany, Innovative foam for light shipbuilding. It is characterized by very high density, uniform, dense and regular structure, hardens very quickly and is easy to process. It has a low water absorption coefficient and dimensional accuracy in water absorption time. BASF two-component polyurethane foam has a high mechanical resistance (high resistance to loads), guarantees high immobility and stability of the mounted elements. Provides good thermal, acoustic and moisture resistance, once cured it is chemically neutral, resistant to high and low temperatures and inhibits the development of mold.
BASF's two-component polyurethane foam is an environmentally friendly material without harmful resins.
The Thin-Light system has been awarded Society of Petroleum Engineers awards in the Environmental Protection category


There are several solutions for the manufacture of blocks of buoyancy in boats. The overwhelming majority of foreign manufacturers have been using two-component foam for many years.

  • Durability. Foam is not subject to destruction from contact with gasoline or the environment.
  • Durability. Foam is not subject to destruction from contact with gasoline or the environment. Foam with a closed cell practically does not absorb water.
  • Foam gives the body even greater rigidity and serves as an excellent sound insulation.

We use only two-component foam with a closed cell with a density of 41 kg per cubic meter.

To get the right final product, you need to use only the best equipment, since in the process of mixing the two components of the foam it is necessary to very accurately observe both the temperature regime and the consistency of the components.

In our case, the Graco apparatus is responsible for this.

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